Who We Are

Shoperr is an eCommerce technology and logistics company that connects retailers to their local customers. We facilitate retailers with the powerful innovation of instant shop-to-door delivery. Our retail partners are given the tools to propel customer convenience, while generating a new source of income for a network of drivers. This is just the beginning! Shoperr aims to revolutionize the shopping experience. Our customers will be able to shop and purchase their local retail products and receive their order instantly via our RoadRunner Delivery Drivers.

What We Offer

For Customers

Instant delivery for retail has arrived, all of your favorite retail stores are now within reach. The days of waiting until the weekend for the opportunity to shop are over. Place an order on Shoperr or on one of our retail partner shops and get it delivered within an hour. Reserve your time and energy for what you love and let us handle the rest.

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For Retail Partners

Shoperr ‘s innovation of instant delivery for retail will drive your sales and brand foot-print. Give customers who don’t have the time to stop by your shop the convenience to instantly receive their sought after products. By increasing availability and accessibility, your customers can purchase your products anytime, even when life gets in the way, generating a brand new revenue stream for your business.

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For RoadRunner Drivers

Lock in your financial stability while having the flexibility to be your own boss. Shoperr gives you the option to RoadRun for a living or for additional earnings, on your own terms.

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Retail Partners

RoadRunner Drivers